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National Safe Place Week

This recognized week honors Safe Place, an outreach and prevention program for youth in crisis. National Safe Place Week serves to recognize the many valued partners who work together to provide immediate help and safety for all young people. It is a dedicated time to acknowledge licensed Safe Place agencies, Safe Place locations and community partners and volunteers. These individuals and groups are the pillars of strength that support the national safety net for youth.

Please join The Relatives on Saturday, March 23rd as we journey from Freedom Park up East Boulevard to The Relatives Youth Crisis Center in honor of those who have taken the journey from crisis to safety, stability and successful futures. Robert’s Walk and Community Celebration will highlight a young man named Robert who made the journey from feeling abandoned and lost in Freedom Park to feeling overwhelmed with love and support at our Youth Crisis Center, all because he saw the Safe Place sign. It will be a day of fun and excitement for people of all ages. More details to come.

To learn more about how to get involved in Safe Place Week, contact our Outreach Coordinator, Kayla Williams at 704.501.8269 or

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